Three boys miraculously survived after 50 days’ rafting on Pacific

Three boys were missing in the Crow Island- the little island of New Zealand on South Pacific. Then the related department tried to search and rescue them, but failed. So the government defined them as death. Miraculously, they came back after 50 days’ rafting on Pacific and get the treatment in the hospital at present. How can the boys spend 50 days rafting on Pacific without any food?

The Accident

Two of the three boys are 15 years old; another one is 14 years old. On October 5th, in the annual Sports meeting, they took an aluminum boat, and were missing near the Attaf atoll. New Zealand Navy began the large- scale search and rescue operations around the surrounding waters, but found nothing. In the following, they are considered dead by government. The local people and relatives held the memorial for them.

50 days later, three boys miraculously survived. A fishing boat rescued them near the Fidji waters and sent them to hospital for treatment of the severe sunburn.

They were found at the northeast of Fidji waters by a fishing boat crew at the afternoon of November 24th. “We sailed to their side and asked if they need help, they were ecstatically answered” yes! ” ” Fred.Anderson, the captain of the fishing bow told reporter,” We immediately put down the life boats, and then give them first aid at emergency. “

Their strong will save them during 50 days

Rafting on the boat on the Pacific, they can just eat coconuts and drink the water gotten by the oil tarpaulin, and one seabird caught by them on the boat. In this difficult situation, how can they survive as long as 50 days?

Anderson said, there was just a Fred Anderson said there was just a small portion of coconut, but only it was finished within two days.

He said they just rely on water to survive during a long period of time. The sea water is everywhere, but without any fresh water. Thus they just can collect the fresh water with the oil a tarp at night. They were very lucky to catch a seabird about two weeks ago.

They have begun to drink seawater in recent two days, which would cause serious damage to their body.

These boys maintained good physical condition under the hot tropical burning sun,
which indeed surprised all people.

“They are very spiritual with very strong will. Although they have been severely tortured physically, mentally they are very strong.” the captain Said.

The latest situation

The journalist holds a short time interview for the three boys in the hospital and gets their latest situation. They all accept the treatment of Sunburn and the alimentary canal due to irregular feeding. But they three boys seem to be very happy without any Exhaustion and fear.

They were playing games with their laptop on bed; it seems the miserable experience in the 50 days just a dream for them. The reporter asked them what they best want to do in the flowing.” I want a cool board and bag  to surf and climb mountain. I just find an on line store dinodirect, they are promoting the clearance sales Clearance Sale, and crazy week activities

 at 50% off discount for every time. I want get them. After I get out of hospital, I can play with the new ones. It is cool” Maybe it is said, “Born calves are not afraid of tiger.” We can’t find the slightest despair and Depression in their eyes. They are active, optimistic and strong. During the hard 50 days, it is their strong mind to save them.