Riviera Maya Condos ? Would You Consider Retirement ? Downtown Playa del Carmen?


The usual picks for retirement in the Riviera Maya are the gated communities out of town and the golf course developments.  Yet there is one excellent option for Riviera Maya condo locations which retirees should not overlook – downtown Playa del Carmen.  There are many advantages for retirees who choose to live in this community, including the following.


Walking distance to the beach – Downtown condos are always a walk away from the beaches of the Riviera Maya, which are soft and warm to walk on – either on the sand or in the water!  Simply seeing them is enough to make people relaxed as well, with their very white sand and the turquoise Caribbean Sea behind!  Being able to walk to the beach makes it that much more relaxing.


All Amenities, a Walk Away – Besides the beach, downtown has just about everything else, again within walking distance.  There are the shops (tequila, cigars, jewelry, knickknacks, etc.), restaurants and bars of Fifth Avenue, which is a pedestrian street running parallel to the beach.  There are also local taco shops, local fruit and vegetable markets and fish shops that sell the fresh catch of the day.  There is a Walmart and 2 similar superstores.  There are clinics for dental work and doctor check-ups.  This only a short introduction to the list.


On-Site Pools, Lounge Areas & Spas – The complexes downtown can include excellent amenities like these, making life convenient and relaxing, right at home.  While downtown leaves nothing to be desired, it’s also nice to have some services right in the comfort of home.


A Very Healthy Lifestyle – The three features above add up to good health.  Walking anywhere you want to means you’ll be active.  Fresh food everywhere means you will maintain good energy and prevent certain sicknesses.  The beach makes exercise feel like relaxation – well, it actually is relaxation at the same time!  A gym and spa right at home make it convenient to keep active any day, any time.


Underground Parking, Elevators – Underground parking is more common downtown because of space, but it also keeps your car from getting too hot.  While exercise is good, going up and down stairs usually isn’t so appealing once we’re retired!


Good Rental Potential – These factors listed here also offer strong appeal for renters, in the case that you won’t be using your property all year round.


Carefully consider a condo downtown Playa del Carmen as one of your Riviera Maya retirement options!


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