Retirement Planning Guide

If you are in a retirement planning guide mode, and, you should plan five years prior to your actual retirement. Here are five reasons you should meet with a financial specialist (advisor) for your retirement planning guide. Keep in mind you should meet with a few different individuals or firms before making your decision. Be sure to review their credentials and references and or referrals. This is your retirement planning guide.

1) Knowledge and Expertise. Anyone can make claim to being an 

advisor. Be sure this is a true professional with credentials. You

should be able to be comfortable and trust your advisor. Most

have extensive education in their field and should be proud to

share with you their achievements and show off a retirement

planning guide for you.

2) Realistic Goals. You can’t expect to invest $ 1 and get back

$ 10,000,000 unless you play and win the lottery. This is not

Your retirement planning guide. A financial specialist is trained to guide you with goals that fit your needs and risk tolerance as well as keeping you focused to keep your feet on the ground.

 3) Costs. Yes, it usually will cost you some money to have a financial advisor or meet to have a consultation for your retirement planning guide. Although, some may forgo the initial fee for a one time consultation as a meet and greet to get some sort of idea as to what you are wanting to achieve with your retirement planning guide and what they can accomplish for you. Many advisors work on incentives (commissions) and get paid from that product they advise you to invest your money with. If possible, see if they have a flat fee base and not a commission base. Keep in mind, some products they offer pay out more incentives to them than others. A True financial advisor will have your interest, comfort zone and risk tolerance in the forefront of any investment.

 4) Appointments. You may want to ask friends, co-workers, relatives who they recommend. This way, you don’t have

to search blindly through yellow pages (they seem to be

not in use much) or the internet. It will be a warm introduction

to your retirement planning guide. One of the ways to seek your financial specialist is with your bank. Many banks now have in house staff that is qualified to give financial advise for your retirement planning guide. This does not exclude that this advisor is

not working on salary plus commission and may offer products

exclusive to the bank. Some offer products from third party investments.

 5) Truth or Consequences. By not meeting with a financial advisor for your retirement planning guide and not being prepared for your retirement will bring great consequences and will be painfully truthful to you and your family due to your lack of planning. Remember, your lack of retirement planning guide does not constitute someone else’s emergency or fault.

 Look at the benefits to a retirement planning guide as simple as it may be. A retirement planning guide advisor is more than a accountant or C.P.A or a tax attorney. Within your retirement planning guide, an advisor will be able to determine how much you will need as a monthly income in your retirement, cost of living, inflation, hidden expenses as well as planning to downsize.

 You can do your due diligence and have a retirement planning guide or you can plan to fail.