Retirement Cottages In Devon

Many people dream of retiring to the country. After years in the city in a high pressure job with hours of commuting under the belt and the blood pressuring rising, an idyllic and self sufficient cottage lifestyle a popular choice for many.

Britain is undergoing massive sociological and demographic changes and for the first time ever, the number of people over 65 exceeds those under 16. What will happen when this huge percentage of ageing ‘baby boomer’s’ retire and where will they go? Britain has a growing number of self proclaimed ‘retirement towns’ such as Christchurch, in Dorset, where nearly 30 per cent are over 65. Worthing is another popular choice as is, Cromer in Norfolk with 25 per cent of the population over 65%.However, the most popular retirement destination at the moment though is Devon, which came top in a poll of the most desirable locations to retire.

Devon is a popular choice for a number of reasons; its stunning beaches and countryside are a big factor for tourists and residents alike. Devon also has rolling country landscapes, feted heritage sites and cosy fireside pubs nested in quaint historic towns with beautiful cottages available for rent or to buy as a dream retirement home.

Devon’s cottages have been a desired choice for holiday makers as a cheap and fun way for having a break in Devon and are an ideal solution for families as you get fit everyone in one space and work on your own time scale rather than having to fit around a hotel’s.

Although renting cottages in Devon can be a cheaper solution, buying is another story and due to Devon’s current placement is the best UK County due to its green credentials, local food, pubs, heritage and landscape you will need to put your hand far deeper into your pocket if you want to buy your dream retirement cottage there.

House prices are well above the national average and a 2-3 bed cottage is likely to set you back around 250 thousand pounds. Although costly, this can also be seen as a good investment as house prices in a number of areas in Devon have stayed fairly consistent throughout the recession.

On average, the price of a prime country cottage dropped from 558,000 a year ago to 460,000 at the beginning of 2009 but in Devon, these have begun to creep back up lately. One of the reasons is that both Devon and Cornwall are popular with 2nd home owners who are willing to pay extra for a South West country cottage. {pixabay|100|campaign}