Retire Overseas – What About Health Care?

Many people dismiss the option of retiring overseas due to health care concerns.

Many Americans and Canadians, live very well on $ 2,000 month or less in such places as Mexico, Panama or Ecuador. That includes a maid…interested ladies?

My wife and I lived in various countries for 8 years while living aboard a sailboat. We are in good health, exercise regularly, and never had a health issue in those 8 years. We did have optional laser surgery on our eyes in Venezuela. It cost $ 350 per eye.

We had total trust in the Venezuelan doctor and have not had any problems with our eyes. I don’t miss wearing glasses either.

We did have friends that needed medical care. One friend was hospitalized in Trinidad for about a week. His private hospital room cost $ 56 per day, including his meals. When he needed a CAT scan the doctor apologized for charging him $ 180 for the procedure. It would have been $ 100 if he had been a local.

What would that cost in the USA now…a week in the hospital and the CAT scan?

Is the health care great in the US, you bet, just realize up front that you are going to pay for it.

If you retire to Mexico you can buy health insurance for about $ 300 per year. That pretty much covers you from A to Z. I pay that much each month for a catastrophic policy with a $ 10,000 deductible.

Living in Phoenix we drive to Mexico for our dental care…cleaning, performed by the dentist, $ 30. A crown is $ 200. Prices have not gone up in the 5 years we have been going to Mexico. My wife is a former dental hygienist. She is well pleased with the cleanliness of the office and the quality of the service we and many of our friends have received.

If you do retire overseas, eat right and exercise regularly, you should not worry about the health care you may or may not need while in a foreign land.

Don’t give up on retirement before you check out the opportunity to live cheaply and well overseas.