Himalayan Pictures

Himalaya has been every one’s favorite and will remain for ever. Who is that who does not want to visit it at least once in his or her life. The newest mountain range in the world, extending from Afghanistan to Myanmar, is famous for its high peaks, passed altitude lakes, remote villages, cultural heritage, monasteries, temples and much more. Today due to internet the world has shrunk a lot and shrinking more. All types of information are available on just a click of mouse. So the Himalayan Valleys are not very far from anyone’s reach.

But one has to go and physically visit them in order to know them closely. As explained by the celebrity writer Rudyard Kipling, they are a World inside the World. That is absolutely true. They keep a different world in them as they are the store house of many things which are essentially required to run this world smoothly, e.g. water. The mighty rivers generated by the melting of the glaciers flow through them and finally after taking several other rivulets, and streams they reach the plains where this water is used for various purposes.

High altitude lakes keep astounding beauty in them as whole day with the change of the position of sun they keep changing their color. It is, both, a fun and an experience to visit them and camp near them to stay overnight. These remote lakes are the storehouse of minerals and fossils.

Remote villages where in some of them do not have more than 6 houses. It is amazing to see that people are living at that altitude and surviving too. The temperature here drips to -35 degree centigrade during winter and the whole area remains covered under a thick blanket of snow. Still those pelple live there and spend a maximum part of their lives in those remote valleys.

Most of these areas are dominated by Buddhists as it used to be a part of Tibbet before 1834 when Raja Ranjit Singh, the king of Punjab, over powered it and merged it with the Indian Land. So although they are a part of Indian Constituentcy but follow Buddhism and worship Buddha. There are some of the oldest Monasteries like Tabo Monastery in Himachal Pradesh, which are still the biggest Tibbetan education centers. This Monastery was established by Renchen Zongpa, a Tibbetan Scholar who had come from Tibbet in the second half os tenth century and established this Monastery in 996. From here a large number of Tibbetan Scholars were sent to the different parts of India to convert Buddist Scripture into Tibbetan Language. The Monastery’s walls are decorated with beautiful wall paiting depicting Buddha’s Life and Buddhism.

Similarly there are some other Monasteries in Spiti, and Ladakh regions that depict Buddhism and Buddha, both.

But reading about these places is not enough for you are visiting the physically and seeting them with your own eyes will be a different experience.