Four Major Retirement Community Cities In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is famous for its steel mills and the first oil find in America. Yet, many are not aware that Pennsylvania is now one of the American states that offer cutting-edge, high quality facilities both medical and recreational, making it a top retirement destination right now.

For active seniors who love nature but dont want to be detached from the spotlights of the city, the Pocono Mountains may be the best area. The Pocono Mountains has been a tourist destination because of its natural beauty. The woodlands and valleys boast a number of resorts and sports facilities for skiing, fishing, and hunting. The place also hosts festivals and casinos and is just a few hours ride to Manhattan for the Broadway shows.

The Happy Valley, better known as State College, Pennsylvania, is the largest borough dominated by retirement communities. It has the facilities of a college town like football stadium, shops, restaurants, and others. The best thing about State College is that it has shopping and medical care in bigger cities within the community, which are accessible to State Colleges residents.

Now who wouldnt love to live in The Sweetest Place on Earth Hershey, Pennsylvania? Hershey provides a different taste of lifestyle to its residents. The place grew famous because of Hersheys chocolates, but it is now equally known for its retirement communities. Pennsylvania is able to provide artistically inclined retirees with the perfect community through this Chocolate town. Hershey is surrounded with theme parks, water parks, and cultural facilities. Retirement communities are also near Hershey Medical School where doctors are available anytime.

Pittsburgh, The Steel City, is considered to be one of the best places to look for retirement communities. PA (Pennsylvania) retirement facilities boast of the scenic aspect of the place. Aside from being a home of health network for cancer and sports medicine, Pittsburgh has a unique charm of natural beauty, picturesque view of Mt. Washington, and abundance of food and markets. Indeed, Pittsburgh is a small city with all the amenities of a big one.

For retirees and their families who are in search of great retirement communities, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. Personal appointments for a visit are now made available in the different website travelogues.